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With over 30 years of performance and training experience, my passion for music started at the very young age of three and has carried me not only through various levels of education but has also enabled me to travel the world. It is through this passion that I have been fortunate enough to have studied under world-renowned professors and internationally acclaimed performers, including the late violinist Lorand Fenyves, as well as international opera singer and coach Igor Saika-Voivod Sr., who studied under the great Mario del Monaco.

I have a strong interest in Italian and Russian vocal repertoire, however have performed in 8 different languages and have a passion for incorporating multiculturalism and diversity in music. I have over 20 years of teaching experience, I enjoy working with orchestras, string ensembles, choirs and individual singers and musicians of all ages.

Most recent projects include musical directing for the Broadway Musical – Aladdin Jr., with the Yellow Door Theatre, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, working as a String Clinician at Appleby College and directing and designing programs for students of various age groups at the Dearcroft Montessori School, both in Oakville, as well as violin coaching and consulting for Canadian Hollywood actress “Ellen Page” during the filming of Umbrella Academy, a 10 episode TV series released on Netflix.

As a freelance musician, I have and continue to perform with ensembles and as a soloist at various weddings, functions and charity events across North America, highlights include being selected to sing the National Anthem at professional sporting events.


“Music is a multi-dimensional language that can be heard, felt, seen, spoken, expressed as an emotion, as passion, and/or as an expression of self.  Because music is so personal, my role is to help each student learn in their own unique way.”

- Cynthia Konopka 


My teaching experience is diverse and I focus on both technical and musical concepts, within a disciplined, goal-oriented and structured environment. I also believe that it is important to enjoy the process of music exploration, and therefore adapt to my students’ learning styles to bring out the best musician in them.


Music is a multi-dimensional language that can
be heard, felt, seen, spoken, expressed as an emotion,

as passion, and/or as an expression of self.
Because music is so personal, my role is to help each
student learn in their own unique way.

- Cynthia Konopka 




I also offer the opportunity to explore a diverse selection of instruments in one scheduled session, should a student choose to explore more than one instrument. Both private and group sessions are offered for students of all ages.


I have a strong passion for teaching violin as it was the first instrument I studied. The violin is an instrument that develops the ear, which is essential for music study. Coordination between right and left hand can be challenging however with proper method, guidance, and instruction, it can be accomplished with great ease.


The viola is an instrument I started to explore later in my musical career. I have always been intrigued with the lower pitches and depth of sound this instrument offers.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching the viola and working with students who choose to study this very unique instrument.


I find the piano to be the most tangible instrument to teach. Through my method of instruction that I have developed over the years, I feel that this is an excellent instrument for a beginner student to explore, as well as a mature pupil with little or no musical experience. With the concept of teaching that involves a layered approach, results are seen quickly, and it is not long before the student is confident in their abilities.


Singing is an extension of who we are; it is our own innate instrument. The voice cannot be seen, however my understanding of the voice and teaching method includes imagery, physics of sound, and putting the body in the most optimal state, which aids the student in the learning process.  Technique, expression, and emotion are fundamental factors in accomplishing a well-developed singing voice.


Musical coaching: this service covers sporadic and/or focused assessment and coaching. I work with the student to hone in on specific elements, and to improve overall performance. I look at the details and specific musical or technical needs of the student, and assist them in enhancing their overall skills by breaking down existing resistance points and obstacles.

I welcome my students at my studio in Niagara- on-the-Lake, and at my studio in Oakville.

If you live outside of the areas where lessons are given, internationally, or if you are traveling - you can also request a student assessment and/or private instruction with Cynthia on-line (via Skype / FaceTime).

Please contact me here - for further information.



Tel: 905 - 325 - 9733

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