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Experience the Powerful Vibrations of Music with Cynthia Konopka

The Medicine for the Soul & Healing for the Being Through Cynthia’s Musical Frequency Activations 


A Three Part Method created through specific Frequencies, a full spectrum of Vibrations and Channeled Music. 

Bringing you back to the Self 


To Your own unique Soul Blueprint 


To the Truth of your Essence 


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“The soul knows exactly where it is going.  It has already arrived”

- Cynthia Konopka 

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Whether you desire to


Bring your Soul Mission Alive & authentically express your unique Divine gifts


To gain more clarity around your business, relationships, yourself, or specific areas that you desire to explore 


Or clear out stagnant energy and  activate dormant DNA, leaving you to vibrate at a higher frequency right down to the cellular level 

Cynthia has the following Transformational Offers Available

Musical Transmission & Frequency Activation

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20 minute 1:1 Personalized Chakra Clearing Session


Single Chakra Clearing
& Activation

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Raise Your Frequency ~ The Membership - Presale!

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"The Soul knows exactly where it is going ~ it has already arrived"

- Cynthia Konopka 


Tel: 905 - 325 - 9733

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